Conceptualizing Islam and Muslims in Public and Scholarly Discourse

Faculty Seminar

By addressing such historiographical and theoretical subjects as Orientalism, various “turns,” post-coloniality, modernity, and post-modernity in their relations to Islamic studies, this workshop will serve as a framework for faculty and students to think together about new research questions that seek to overcome the limitations of modernist and Euro-centric paradigms. It also intends to explore the theoretical contributions of intellectuals from medieval and modern Middle East, North Africa, South, Southeast, and Central Asia to enrich and nuance our understanding of history, society, and politics.


The seminar meets monthly in the Fall and Spring semesters.

FALL: On Tuesdays. September 17, October 1, November 5, December 3.

SPRING: On Wednesdays. January 22, February 19, March 19, April 23.


Conveners: Hayrettin Yücesoy and
             Anne-Marie McManus

Seminar Secretary: Aamir Bashir


Refreshments will be served

Please see flyer attached.