Islamic Tiles by Effervescing Elephant
Man praying at the Western wall in a traditional Tallit or Prayer Shawl by Beggs

About the Department

The Department of Jewish, Islamic, and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (JINELC) is devoted to the study of Jewish, Islamic, and Near Eastern languages and literatures; the history and cultures of the Near East; and the Jewish and Islamic civilizations, both individually and comparatively. Its integrated curriculum offers a focal point for crosscultural academic exchange that highlights the shared experiences and mutual influences of the two civilizations while paying close attention to the historical context of social change and cultural production. The members of the faculty conduct their research and teaching through a wide array of methodologies and disciplinary approaches and offer courses in language, literature, history, religion, politics, and culture.

Upcoming Events

March 30, 2015 - 6:30pm

Middle East - North Africa Film Series -- Spring 2015

Wilson Hall, Room 214

The theme of the second installment of the academic year for the MENA Film Series is Mediterranean Immigration!

The first feature, Inch' Allah Dimanche, takes us from the South of the Mediterranean (Algeria)  to the North (France). The second feature, TENJA, takes us back from the North (France) to the South of the midi (Morocco); A comeback of sorts!